Megan is a writer, poet, and student. She attends school online at Arizona State University and is studying to get an undergraduate degree in Community Health with a minor in Psychology. It is her hope to work with at-risk youth in the United States, specifically in with youth who speak English as a Second Language, who are POC and/or identify as queer.

Megan recently moved back to Upstate New York in April 2019, after living briefly at home in Pennsylvania with her family. She currently works as a medical scribe for an urgent care in Upstate New York, and pursues writing independently. Her current focus is on wrapping up her first book, ephemeral, and getting it prepared for publishing.

Megan loves her cat-son, Felix, and her doggy-daughter, Honey. She also adores earl gray tea, fuzzy blankets, a summer evening’s breeze, and anything by Patti Smith.

Her first book of poetry and prose, ephemeral, is currently in the works, as well as the outline for a second, temporary places.

Here, you can find bits and pieces of what she’s working on.


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