sundress & overalls

Sundress and overalls make their way down the dirt path, hand in hand. The lush green trees surround them and the sun peeks through their leaves, whispering hello. Sundress carries a bottle of white wine and overalls holds tight to a beach blanket.

The two emerge into an open field. The light beats down hot. In the middle of the field is a flowing stream, cool to the touch as it swirls around rocks and small fishes. Sundress and overalls peel off their shoes and socks and lay down their blanket, settling at the edge of the water. Sundress opens the wine, already uncorked, and takes a swig from it, kicking her toes in the cool water. Overalls reaches down to cuff the bottom of her jeans, then slips her feet in too.

They take turns drinking from the bottle until the sweet nectar has gone. Around them, purples and blues and yellows and whites become hazy, fuzzy. Their cheeks turn pink, from the sun or the wine, or both, we will never know. Hand in hand, sundress and overalls lie back on the blanket and spend the afternoon giggling away.

As the two bask in the warmth of the sun, they talk about life and the stars and the moon and the sea. They trace each other’s faces with petals from the glory around them, smiling into each other’s lips all afternoon. The sweet honey taste remains even as the wine drunk fades.

As the sun begins to cool, overalls plucks some yellow flowers from the field around them and tucks it behind sundress’s ear. The bright color contrasts her dark hair marvelously. Overalls tucks some pink flowers into her Tweety bird pocket and slips a blue wildflower behind her ear, causing her bright blue eyes to gleam.

Sundress and overalls are happy. Hand in hand, lips to lips, they are happy.

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