6.15.17 I

ithaca, ny.

everyone thinks i’m crazy. no, i’m just borderline.

being apart from terri is harder than i ever imagined. i love her so much and without her, this ithaca summer seems like endless, searing pain rushing through my veins.

i have a vivid image of terri pushing her sunglasses up into her hair and laughing. she’s not looking at me but she knows i’m there. i love her.

i have writer’s block- i’m so depressed that everything i produce is shit. there are no good writings coming out of this pain. i’m considering going to the park but i’m quite sad and don’t know if it could help me much.

i can’t stop thinking of that image of terri in my head. she’s so beautiful and i miss her terribly. like. terribly. i feel so emotional, but can’t pinpoint any clear emotion. so i’m just sitting here like a food outside this stupid coffee shop.

i’m exhausted. i don’t know if i feel anything at all- or everything at once? is this a riptide or stillwater? everything’s a blur. i’m hardly standing.

it’s noon. i should be at work. but instead, i’m here.

psycho? no, just borderline.

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