may 14 | about 10 am |

It’s mid morning and I’m taking a break from my hike to document this moment. The birds are singing and the air is crisp and cool. I am sweating, beads rolling down, kissing my hairline and the backs of my ears. All around me is green green green and I feel free free free in my nature bubble. I feel very alive. This morning, in my solitude, as I allow my mind to wander, I remember what it’s like to wake up to the sun gracing my cheeks in my bedroom with pink carpet. As I catch my breath in the present, I recall a Mother’s Day spent in a garden with flowers of ever color under the moon spread before us- an ocean of rainbows, as cliche as it may seem. Breathing in the mid-may air, I feel peace. I feel all of the rumblings and fears inside of my exhale, settle and quiet. It’s time to keep moving.

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