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NEW poems have been added to the selection, that are NOT featured in my upcoming book, nor on this site! Check it out!

megan banning

Today, I bought a typewriter– a teal Olivetti Studio45. I have been wanting a typewriter since I was a child, and today I fished out my wallet and purchased my newest baby. I raced home and couldn’t even make it inside before I started typing a faint ‘I am, I am, I am.’ The pitter patter of my heart began to flutter.

With my newly acquired typewriter, I plan to create prints with card stock of my poetry. They’ll be small, 5×7 prints that you can frame. They’ll be dated and signed. Buy them in my Etsy shop here!

You can choose from the following poems:

  • San Antonio Dreams
  • Two AM Thoughts
  • We’re Going to Live Forever
  • How it Feels to Know You, in Colors

Obviously, I’m not a famous writer (cough, yet, cough). But I know I have people who love and support me who might be interested…

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