When I close my eyes, I hear the feisty waves on the lake and smell the delicate floral notes in the air. I feel the spray of the crashing water on my face and I am refreshed.

Earlier, I’d wandered out to the empty corner of the park, where the grass was overgrown and the flowers bloomed wildly. A bush of white flowers caught my eye. Excitedly, I plucked a stem from the bush.


I pulled back and watched as a small trickle of blood pooled and rolled down my finger into my palm. I stepped onto the wet rocks and dipped my hand into the icy water, watching the red swirl away before me.

I reflected on the temporary nature of everything… pain, grief, anger, guilt… and felt my stress melting away. As I sat against a tree, the grass up to my knees, I felt calm at last.

The waves will rise again.


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