down in the long grass

There is something special about being alone by the water. It’s a sort of heavy, peaceful feeling.

Is that a dialectic? I can’t say for sure- but I do know that when it’s nighttime and I’m with my best friend on a deserted beach, I get that feeling of never wanting the morning sun to come.


I felt that way again today, but this time I was completely alone. I noticed the heavy feeling settling down on my chest as I sat back against the tree. I gazed at the wild lavender along the water’s edge and began to daydream of what it would be like to live among the clouds.


A little yellow butterfly rested itself on my knee and I froze. What a small life sits before me.

I gently stretch out a finger for it to crawl onto, but it flies away- by choice or by the wind’s current, I’ll never know.

The peace washes over me as the dandelion fuzz floats on the air around me. The willow tree above me sways in the cool breeze and I lie down in the long, green grass, drifting off to sleep.


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