Bomber Dedication

On Wednesday, City Year held its Opening Day for the FY19. I am so honored and excited to be a part of this outstanding organization, and wanted to take a moment to reflect on a ceremony we had before the event.

This ceremony was called the Bomber [Jacket] Dedication. In this ceremony, we were able to specify a person or persons we wanted to dedicate our service year to.

After we decided who we would be choosing, we spoke out about who we chose and why.

I chose to dedicate my Bomber to the students whose first language is not English, because I have seen the barriers they face in high school, and I truly believe that language should not be a barrier in receiving a comprehensive, challenging, and fulfilling education.

I look forward to this year of service, and am inspired everyday by my teammates and the students we serve.


Published by

megan banning

Megan is a writer, poet and visual artist. She lives with her cat son Felix in South Texas and enjoys tea, fuzzy blankets, most foods, and reading. Here, you can find bits and pieces of what she’s working on.

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