City Year San Antonio

What is City Year?

City Year partners with schools to help bridge the gap by providing diverse, talented and trained young adult tutors, mentors and role models who work alongside teachers to support student success. It is supported through Americorps.

Why City Year?

City Year is contributing to a clearer and bolder vision of what public schools can and should be for all children: places of learning, exploration and risk-taking, where every student feels safe and connected to the school community; where data is used continuously to help promote student growth and achievement; and where all students have access to positive, caring relationships and personalized learning environments that encourage them to persevere through challenges, build on their strengths and thrive.

City Year brings together diverse, talented teams of young adults to serve in high-need schools across the country, where they support students, teachers and schools all day, every day. City Year AmeriCorps members build strong, “near-peer” relationships with students and provide academic and social-emotional support, while serving as essential resources to the school to boost student learning and achievement. Through their work in schools and communities, City Year AmeriCorps members not only make a difference in the lives of students they serve, but also acquire valuable skills that prepare them to become the next generation of civically-engaged leaders.

What are the results?

Our results show the progress City Year AmeriCorps members are making in the schools they serve, and we believe their impact is largely due to our holistic approach to meeting students’ needs and dedication to helping students overcome obstacles inside and outside of the classroom.

Why do you serve?

I serve because I have been given the privilege of an education. I serve in order to lift up the future leaders of America, and with the mission that every child will be offered the opportunity for a meaningful and fulfilling education where they have a chance to succeed.

How do you serve?

I serve by showing up. I serve by being a friendly face in the mornings when you get off the bus and by being someone you can go to when you’re kicked out of class. I am an advocate for students, but I also mentor them into self-sufficiency, so that they no longer need an advocate. I coach them in positive behavior management and encourage them to attend school.

In addition to being a student success coach, I am a tutor. I tutor 9th and 10th graders in Algebra I, Algebra Intervention, and Geometry. I assist the whole class, but give extra support to students on my focus list, who have shown that they need the extra assistance in class. I do this with pull-outs, where I borrow the students from their elective teachers for a few minutes a week to review what the student learned in class.

Lastly, I work with my team to create a supportive extended learning time space. We plan multiple events and initiatives a year, and support students with tutoring in all subject areas.