heaven-sent baby

terriihow do you always know the best way to love me?

you respond to my aggression with calm, gentle love and support. my tears are wiped away by your soft hands which brush my cheek slowly, steadily, until my crying ceases.

your lips graze my forehead and your fingers are in my hair. they trace my spine and rest on the curved dimples of my lower back. your movements flicker about my body like it is your home and you belong here.

you appear to me in shades of peach and pink as you love me so tenderly. you take my hand and lead me to your room, my safe haven. you pull me into your breast and i can finally breathe.

you taste like heaven and feel like a summer rain shower- hazy and just what i needed.

how do you know the best way to love me?

you draw me back to earth and remind me our lives here pre- pare us for heaven but baby you are heaven to me and i am ready to go, lord, take me now and bless me with this woman forever.