San Antonio Dreams

wind whispering in her coffee colored hair, tinted aviators. my baby’s wearing her red converse and her spaghetti straps. she lays on my chest in the long summer grass.

wide open windows and colorful flaxseed curtains, papel picado décor on the walls. deep brown hardwood floors and bright fluffy rugs that keep your bare feet warm like the tea she drinks in the mornings.

hot hot hot! my baby’s lookin’ hot hot hot! in her sundress and her sandals. i put my cool cool cool! hands onto her sun kissed cheeks and imagine san antonio summers by her side.

her cello strings vibrate in the evening as the sunset peeks through the living room. i am lying on a worn in leather couch, listening to her soul float on the heat wave to my heart.

sneaking to the sea for a weekend away from the city, my baby wears her high waisted bathing suit that hugs all of her curves so right. she stands by the green water and her short hair whispers against her shoulders, asking me to kiss her there and there and there.

i’m dreaming of san antonio. i’m dreaming of san antonio with her.