Girls All In Motion (Girls A.I.M.): Day 1

Good morning folks, today I will be talking a bit about Girls All In Motion, or Girls A.I.M., which I will be a facilitator for at my new position with Camp Curtin YMCA. I am excited about this program because it helps young girls (ages 8-12) build a positive self-image and sets them on a path to reach their full potential in life by focusing on physical activity, balanced eating, and self-development.

I will be facilitating a group today that will be about friendship, and the qualities of a good friend. This will be an exciting topic for the girls because at such a young age, a lot of their life revolves around their friendships they have with their peers. It is essential that they understand what makes a good friend, and to have them be able to identify good friends in their lives.

To teach this lesson, I am going to start out by talking about how their day went at school. I will find out what made their day awesome, and then ask who helped make their day awesome. Then, I will ask them to tell me more about what makes that person so great. What are they like? We will create a list of qualities about those awesome people.

Next, I will ask if there was anyone who made their day not-so-awesome- and if so, why? What are they like? I will write down the qualities of those people next to our list of good qualities, to compare the two.

After spending just a few minutes on that question, I will ask the girls who they would rather spend time with, and why. We will identify that good qualities about good friends will make for a better time for everyone. Then, we will spend a few minutes identifying who our good friends are in our lives.

Once we have identified who our good friends are, we will spend the rest of the time creating Thank You cards that say thank you for being a great friend to our favorite people. This will allow the girls to learn how to express gratitude, all while learning what the qualities of a good friend is.

I’m excited to teach this lesson today, and look forward to meeting the girls in the group!



e has a thing for indie tunes, so we were sitting in the hardwood floors in the low light of my living room and listening to her favorite arctic monkeys track. the cat snuggles into e’s arms; the flickering light of the vanilla candle wavers in his yellow eyes.

it’s wednesday and we feel like we’re flying, watching the shadows dance in the ceiling, lying on blankets, talking about the stars with intermittent silence. the quiet is comfortable and we enjoy the sad indie jams and think about life.

the record player hums, the bass buzzes in our ears, and my mind continually wanders to marigolds and the shade of orange in the sunset that night.

it reminded me of ashes crumbling to the ground after someone taps their cigarette. the paintings on the wall come alive in my mind. i become consumed by the music, and i capture these feelings in my mind.

nostalgia for the present moment.

e still has daisies in her hair from earlier that evening, and i notice she’s fallen asleep.

-i hope she dreams of a wide open lavender field and monarch butterflies tonight

christmas eve

the winters wind in wakefield

whispered in my ears

as my best friend and i walked

up and down the rocky beach.

pink is my favorite color,

so we picked up all the rose rocks

we could find.

we stood over the stones

admiring their marbled complexions.

the beach was empty–

save for a lonely young girl and a strange man–

so we wandered towards the

seaside cottages.

the abandoned huts stood on

wooden beams, holding them strong.

many of the windows were boarded up

with “for sale” signs

and I recalled my childhood


of living by the sea.

my friend and i collected nine rocks that day.

-in rhode island, i felt alive again.