tu corazón y mi

Durante veces cómo está, cuando el sol es roso y el cielo es morado, yo sé que te amo. Los colores del día…cambian, pero mi amor para ti no. Es fuerte y para muchos años. Cada tiempo hay una diferencia en los colores, yo sé dónde puedo escogerte. Estás en mi corazón, segura y feliz. […]


When I close my eyes, I hear the feisty waves on the lake and smell the delicate floral notes in the air. I feel the spray of the crashing water on my face and I am refreshed. Earlier, I’d wandered out to the empty corner of the park, where the grass was overgrown and the […]


she loves me when i’m sad, she spins around our room and the light catches in her hair with our little yellow cat in her arms and love in her gaze. i chose forever with her. she loves me when i’m sad, and she serenades me with carole king when i’m down. i didn’t know […]

temporary things; eternal moments

We were hurtling down rural New York back roads and admiring the sunset. It was the type of lilac and light rose that you rarely see. It had us enamored and we gazed through our open windows at the sky. As we turned around the bend, we rapidly approached the lake. “Pull over!” I yelled, […]

the sun closes out another chapter

If you’ve ever rushed down country back roads in Upstate New York, with the lavender and cotton candy skies behind you, a small dog on your lap, and with your partner’s hand on the back of your neck, while a song that stirs up feelings of nostalgia plays on the radio, then you know what […]

christmas eve

the winters wind in wakefield whispered in my ears as my best friend and i walked up and down the rocky beach. pink is my favorite color, so we picked up all the rose rocks we could find. we stood over the stones admiring their marbled complexions. the beach was empty– save for a lonely […]