tu corazón y mi

Durante veces cómo está, cuando el sol es roso y el cielo es morado, yo sé que te amo. Los colores del día…cambian, pero mi amor para ti no. Es fuerte y para muchos años.

Cada tiempo hay una diferencia en los colores, yo sé dónde puedo escogerte. Estás en mi corazón, segura y feliz.

Eres el sol de mi vida. Mi luz. Mi fuente de felicidad.

Creo que su amor puede tocar mi corazón como un violín y crea un sinfonía bellísima.

1.5 year anniversary

Mi media naranja. Eres la dulce de mi vida. Gracias por 1.5 años contigo.

A muchas más.

my cutie
Just like the first date

june: the month of lovers

the smell of the lake water rises over the rocky shore, and the grass is soft in the afternoon light. the sun overhead grins down on her shoulders, caramel and warm. she sits upon the rocky bank and becomes drunk on the way the icy water feels against her skin.

and i,

i sit nearby and fall more in love with this feeling.

nostalgia about the first time.


she loves me when i’m sad, she spins around our room and the light catches in her hair

with our little yellow cat in her arms and love in her gaze.

i chose forever with her.

she loves me when i’m sad, and she serenades me with carole king when i’m down. i

didn’t know i was missing her until she was back in my arms, softly kissing my face and

grazing her eyelashes across my cheek.

she loves me when i’m sad, from afar and up close. a summer apart was the hardest

thing i’ve ever had to do, but it was worth the wait. we dance about the hardwood floor

to our record player, and our cat is pressed between our chests.

she loves me when i’m sad, and intertwines her fingers with mine at just the right time.

she is a dream. and she is mine.


–she turned my life around from nothing but hurricanes to only sunny spring days.


update 5_terri
Terri & Felix, Stewart Park