tu corazón y mi

Durante veces cómo está, cuando el sol es roso y el cielo es morado, yo sé que te amo. Los colores del día…cambian, pero mi amor para ti no. Es fuerte y para muchos años. Cada tiempo hay una diferencia en los colores, yo sé dónde puedo escogerte. Estás en mi corazón, segura y feliz. […]

Porque le da miedo.

Quiero empezar con un pasaje de “La casa en Mango Street” de Sandra Cisneros. El pasaje empieza en página xxiii. “Al final de la velada, ella se encuentra buscando un aventón a casa. Ella llegó en autobús y el Emperador se ofrece a llevar a casa. Pero no va para su casa. está ilusionada con […]

the strawberry collection

dogs running among children on a family-owned farm giggles dyed deep red and their mother shaking her head wondering why she ever let her children wear white checkered red and white blanket upon a grassy hillside we admire the mountains in the distance as we sit in the strawberry field nestled between the raspberries and […]

down in the long grass

There is something special about being alone by the water. It’s a sort of heavy, peaceful feeling. Is that a dialectic? I can’t say for sure- but I do know that when it’s nighttime and I’m with my best friend on a deserted beach, I get that feeling of never wanting the morning sun to […]


When I close my eyes, I hear the feisty waves on the lake and smell the delicate floral notes in the air. I feel the spray of the crashing water on my face and I am refreshed. Earlier, I’d wandered out to the empty corner of the park, where the grass was overgrown and the […]


e has a thing for indie tunes, so we were sitting in the hardwood floors in the low light of my living room and listening to her favorite arctic monkeys track. the cat snuggles into e’s arms; the flickering light of the vanilla candle wavers in his yellow eyes. it’s wednesday and we feel like […]